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Be the HERO and join us as a 2019/20 SUBSCRIBER

In order to become a SUBSCRIBER you must select a minimum of 4 regular season shows (not including fundraisers). These shows can be any 4 of the 7 productions being offered in the 2019/20 Season.

Not sure on the shows you want to see? Visit our 43rd Season webpage to find out about all the shows being offered and which ones will suit your needs.

StoryBook also offers a multi payment plan for those wishing to spread out the payment process for a minimal fee.


Select a Show.

Note: Any discounts, including subscription rates, will be reflected in the shopping cart after 4 shows have been selected.

August 17 to
September 7
October 18 to
November 9
November 22 to
Janurary 4
November 29 to
December 23
Rated Ages 8+ | PG Rated Ages 3+ | K Rated Ages 6+ | G Rated Ages 3+ | K
February 14 to
March 14
March 27 to
April 26
April 24 to
June 6
Rated Ages 8+ | PG Rated Ages 3+ | K Rated Ages 6+ | G  
  October 28 March 9  

Don’t forget to add our fundraisers to your package!

  Rated Ages 12+ | PG Rated Ages 12+ | PG